The Intention

I write what I know, or more often what I think I know. I write what I see, what I feel, what connects me to you. If you find my words to be uplifting, sad, beautiful, awful, or just okay, then I have done all I set out to do; connect with someone on some level. That is the essence of sharing our words and sharing our perspectives. So enjoy. Or don’t. Either way, I’ll continue using my experiences to connect the dots from me to you.


One thought on “The Intention

  1. I love and am so proud of who you are, your optimistic perception of life, inner strength, creative energy and wisdom to perpetually move yourself in an positive direction no matter what. These fine attributes will yield you the most fruitful gains toward happiness and contentment in your ever so bright future.

    “Life is about people, is about relationships which has all to do values and all those in our past and present whom which we share such.”

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